How It Works


You define shipping rules. When a new order arrives it gets processed by these rules, producing delivery options (rates).

Worflow overview

Each rule's job is to grab order items out of the flow and mince them into one or more rates (delivery options). Which items would be captured by a rule is defined by conditions. Items which don't match rule conditions fall-through to a next rule.

So, overall, the system works by iterating over a list of defined rules, checking items against each rule's conditions until all items get captured (or there are no more rules). This looks like a child playing with a shape-sorter bucket: The system works like shape sorting Where a child is the system, a shape is an order and each hole is a rule conditions set.

  • For example, you can have rules to handle different order destinations: Rules for handling local and international shipping
  • Or lightweight and heavy packages: Rules for handling lightweight and heavy packages
Or any other setup you may need.