How It Works

Conditions and Calculations

Each Rule has two sections: Conditions and Processing. Rule settings


Conditions section defines which orders a rule is suitable for. Order gets processed by a rule only if it matches all rule conditions at the same time.

  • For example, match lightweight orders: A condition to match lightweight orders
  • Or orders going to United Kingdom: A condition to match UK orders
  • Match only orders with ice cream, going to United Kingdom but not to Oxford: Complex condition example
And so on.


Once there is an order matching rule conditions it is processed by the rule. Processing section contains a list of calculations which being applied to an order produce one or more rates.

  • Flat rate of $2.95: Flat fee
  • Percentage fee, 5% of order subtotal: Percentage fee
  • Clamped weight-based rate, $3 for each 0.25kg of order weight but no more than $60: Complex calculation example