Tree Table Rate Shipping
ultimate WooCommerce shipping plugin

Powerful rule-based shipping builder for your WooCommerce store

  • Shipping classes Define shipping costs per specific shipping classes individually.
  • Shipping zones Setup rates per delivery areas defined by zip/postal codes, states, and countries.
  • Weight-based shipping Both progressive rates and flat rates table are supported.
  • Free and flat rate shipping Offer a free or a flat rate delivery depending on order subtotal, destination or other attributes.
  • International shipping Offer different shipping rates for international orders.
  • Flat rate box shipping List boxes, envelopes, tubes or other packages you ship with and plugin will try to pack order items into them to determine shipping cost.
  • Third-party plugins integration: DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and more Enable or disable other WooCommerce shipping plugins depending on various conditions supported by Tree Table Rate Shipping. Combine two or more shipping methods.
  • Advanced Destination Targeting

    Any destination WooCommerce supports is supported by the plugin too.
    • Ship by country, state (province, county), and postcodes
    • Postcode lists, ranges and wildcards are also supported
    • You can include or exclude regions, or both
    Shipping by country, state and zipcodes/postcodes
  • Shipping Classes, Tags, and Categories

    Charge different costs depending on items' shipping classes, tags, and categories. Combine them in any way you need.
    Shipping classes, tags and categories
  • Weight, Volume and Count

    Charge by order weight, volume, or item count. Even by all these at the same time.
    • Weight-based shipping
    • Volumetric shipping
    • Shipping by count
    Shipping by weight, volume and count
  • Different Processing Modes

    Calculate shipping cost per item, product, shipping class, tag, category, or the entire order.
    • Per-item shipping
    • Per-product shipping
    • Shipping by shipping class, tag or category
    Shipping per order, per item, per product, etc
  • Handling Fees

    Include your expenses in the resulting shipping cost. Both flat and percentage fees are supported. Any combination of them is supported too.
    • Flat fee
    • Percentage fee
    • Subtotal percentage fee
    Subtotal percentage, percentage fee or flat rate
  • Multiple Delivery Options

    Offer multiple delivery options to your customers to choose from. Delivery options can be shown or hidden depending on a number of conditions, such as the order destination, weight, subtotal, and others.
    • Standard or express delivery
    • Courier service, regular delivery or local pickup
    • Fragile shipments
    • Shipping insurance
    Multiple shipping options
  • Third-party Plugin Integration

    If you are using another WooCommerce shipping plugin and want to activate or deactivate it under some circumstances, you can easily do this with the External Rates tool.

    It's useful to conditionally combine two or more existing shipping plugins such as FedEx, USPS, DHL or many others.

    Conditions for third-party shipping methods
  • Extremely Flexible

    The unique plugin feature of nested rate tables makes it possible to define a great variety of shipping configurations from simple to fine-grained and complex ones.
  • All-in-One Solution

    The plugin can supersede many other shipping plugins. It can even be a replacement for multiple WooCommerce shipping methods at the same time.
  • Money Back Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied with the plugin, we will refund the full price. Just let us know in the next 14 days after purchase. Give it a try!
  • Excellent for Agencies

    Many custom shipping methods you had to develop for your e-commerce customers before, now can be implemented with the Tree Table Rate Shipping instead, saving hours of development.

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